About Us

About Us

Who We Are Are

The Lloyd Society is an independent, non-profit, research center providing objective, evidence-based research and analysis to inform decision makers and streamline policy to improve the lives of people in justice systems. 

What We Do

Over 30 million children and adults enter into jails, prisons, court-ordered treatment facilities, probation programs, and other justice settings worldwide each year. On the whole, they are under-resourced, under-educated, and suffer from a constellation of social, physical and mental health problems. Once they become involved in justice systems, their access to health care often becomes stymied by complex medical, legal, and administrative systems.

Many organizations around the world represent people involved in justice systems and advocate for the health and welfare of justice-involved populations. Yet there has never been a clearinghouse for synthesis of objective, evidence-based data on justice health matters. Until now. 

We provide empirically rigorous research and analysis of health care and social services in justice settings, among justice populations, and within justice systems. Our primary objective is to translate that research into usable formats, then to deliver those products to professionals in the best position to apply that research to resolve problems within justice health.  Examples of how we translate research into action include:

  • Meta Analyses and Systematic Reviews of Existing Justice Related Research

  • Qualitative Studies on Conditions of Confinement and Health Care Delivery

  • On Site Training for Public and Private Professionals Serving Justice Populations

  • Research, Training and Technical Assistance for Using Cost-Free, Web-Based Data Resources

  • Expert Witness, Subject Matter Expert Consulting Services, and Amicus Curea Briefs

  • Congressional and Governmental Testimony and White Papers

  • Training and Workshops on Integrating Evidence Based Practices Into Legal and Justice Institutions and Proceedings

  • Webinars and On-Site Training for Probation Officers, Judges, Attorneys, and Justice System Personnel

Our Vision

Equal access to evidence-based, quality heath care and social services for all marginalized populations, particularly children and those disenfranchised through involvement in justice systems.

Employing cutting-edge statistical and empirical analysis, The Lloyd Society provides expert consulting services on a variety of issues related to crime and justice. We analyze legislation, review policies, advise on best practices, and testify in legal proceedings. Fellows also provide confidential, written explanations of their findings. For example, on several occasions Fellows have reviewed proposed crime legislation, advised the client on its strengths and weaknesses, and provided a confidential, written analysis and proposal of next steps to consider.

When clients are informed about the full scope of a problem, they are better equipped to anticipate hurdles and capitalize on strengths while pursuing their objectives. The Lloyd Society provides the empirical analysis on which clients are able to craft their approaches to issues.

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