bad speech habits

Bad speech habits – Never dare to do it

Public speaking is one of the hardest skills to acquire. Even porn stars have to speak to a public time to time. You need to train both your body and mind. Facing thousands of people at a time and delivering a speech without mistakes is quite hard. There are some habits that can spoil your speech in a second. It is important to know what they are and never commit it. In this article, you will find the bad habits of public speakers which one should never commit.

Do not read your slides

What is the meaning of giving a speech? Speech can be defined as the process of sharing thoughts with a huge mass of people. Your work there is to deliver a solid thought spontaneously. It should be a speech from the heart and not from slides. Reading your slides well and tarnish your image within a second.

Do not look away

Public speakers should have proper eye contact with the audience. Your purpose being there is to address them and talk with them or interact with them. It is very important to understand the difference between eye contact and staring. It is a usual habit with the public speakers to stare one particular person. The reason for them to behave this way is, they are comfortable with that particular person.

Do not copy others presentation

In the Internet, generic presentations are available on all topics. You can refer to them but never copy them. It is easy to find out whether the representation is copied or not. It is one such bad speech habits to lose your audience.

Do away with too much data

Never dump your audience with data. Your speech has to be interactive. To support your solid points, you can take the need for data. But read each and everything of data will bore your audience.

Do not be lazy to practice

The practice is the key to every skill. You can never obtain any skills overnight. And when it comes to public speaking, you have to practice before the original speech delivery day. You might have heard about great leaders who always practice their speeches before they get into

the actual speech delivering day. So, even if you get the title as “King or Queen of public speech” you have to practice.

Video record your speech and watch

It is very good to video record your speech and find any weird behaviour. Tapping your pen so much, tossing your hair often is standing with the arms crossed is never a good sign of a public speaker. With practice, you can overcome all these behaviours. It is also important to watch for the word that you use very often. People may mock at you for using a single word again and again.

Pace and Pause

An excellent public speaker is not the one who speaks very quickly. It is very difficult for your audience to understand what you tell. This will soon make them to lack interest. Note down the very important points. You can even repeat them twice. Before you pass on, give a gentle pause for the audience to process the information.

Use plain language

It is very important to know your audience and speak accordingly. You might know the subject in-depth, but it is not necessary for others to know the same. Even if it is a technical chapter, use plain language so that anybody can understand. You will be appreciated for making everybody understand and not for using technical and sophisticated terms.

No joke; no problem

There is a general myth. It is, to attract the audience you have to be funny. There is nothing more fun for a non funnier person to be funny. Don’t pull yourself. Be the person you are. Portraying your personality as genuine as possible will fetch you a good name.

Other bad speaking habits

Turning your back often is very bad behavior. Do not start your speech by directly jumping into the topic. And do not abruptly end. You can ask questions and discuss any current affairs relating to the topic.