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How To Read Faster?

Book reading is a skill. So, when it is a skill; it can be obtained through practice over time. It is important to cultivate the habit of reading. It has been proven that people with reading habits are highly successful. Reading is a time-consuming process. People step back to take up reading only because of this. Through this article let us know to learn to read faster.

Tips to read quickly

A Pointer to Prompt

It is very hard to keep our eyes fixed in one spot. You need something to prompt you to look into something. Using a pointer will help you to have a fast-twitch. This movement has a technical name called saccades. This is the first tool for new readers to read faster.

Whenever your eyes twitch over the other lines, with the excitement of gathering more information, a prompt will help you to get back into the required line.

So which is a pointer? It is the tip of your finger. Place your index finger below the line of what you read. You will get to know its actual impact after week.

speed reading

Control over speed

It is pointless to have a speed reading when you do not understand. So speed reading is all about control over the speed.

Speed reading provides fruit only when you are able to understand and process the information even after you read it fastly. You have to understand that it is not the physical process of spelling out words. It is all about understanding wide information in a reduced time. Here you can take the help of a pointer which will have a control on the speed.

When you did not understand a word or a sentence, your pointer will not move. Make this a habit.

Say “yes” to read and “no” to sub vocalizing

Sub vocalising means “reading or speaking the words aloud” which are written. Young kids first when they enter school, they are taught vocalising. It is for them to obtain the exact pronunciation of the world. We, adults, do not need it. Reading aloud will drastically reduce speed.

However, it highly helps in understanding the text. For a better reading speed, never sub- vocalise even in your mind

Active reading

Active reading is important for fast reading practice. It is a ratio of speed and understanding. You can be judged as an efficient reader if you process information efficiently in less time. So in a process of active reading, you have to stop in between to gather and prioritise information to understand better.

Passion and practice and patience

To start to read faster, you should possess the above three qualities to start read faster. You should develop a mindset, to go through the book and enjoy it. As mentioned earlier fast reading is a skill. You can obtain it only through practice over time. Have the patience to master the skill to get faster at reading.