time management skills

How to cultivate better time management skills?

In this competitive world, a person without time management techniques is prone to failure. There is an immediate need to develop time management skills to spear ahead. It is a complex task but never impossible. All that it requires is taking a little time to plan, prioritise, and proceed. Let us look at the key actions


Set a goal for everything. Let it be a small task or a huge task. This will demand you to complete your task. But how to set goals? There is a step by step process for setting a goal. There are two types of goals; short term goal and long term goals. Any of the two goals should have the process mentioned below.

Smart – You should fix on how to do it. When work can be completed fastly with a computer; what is the need to go for manual assistance? So look for ways that will complete your work faster. Do not hesitate to try out anything new.

Measurable – You should always follow up on your work. You should be able to measure, whether you are completing a certain task in a decent time.

Attainable – Set your goals practically. You should understand there is a human limitation.

Relevant – Analyse and understand what is very much relevant to your goal. Unnecessary inclusion of activities is a real waste of time.

Time-bound – Set a time and adhere to it. This will stop your procrastination habit.

Prioritise after a second thought

After you know what to do and in what time limit, it is time to prioritise. Some activities can be done efficiently only with the completion of some other activity. So it is important to understand which is necessary at that particular time. You have to know which activity is the need of the hour. Easily prioritise according to the urgency.

Learn to say NO

At times you have to tell NO. Telling NO is one of the time management best practices. You are never efficient if you are working without space for anything. Do not dump yourself with work. It will cripple you in the long term. Be determined on what to do and what not to do.

manage time effectively

Plan ahead

To manage time effectively, the first job is to plan before you start your work. And at the same time, it is unfair to go to the workplace and then plan. It is clever to plan ahead. You can do it early in the morning or the night before the following day. Be in a place where you will never be distracted. You have to be in peace. This will allow you to think about all the factors and plan accordingly.

Time for yourself

This is very much important and one of the time management best practices. You should take some time for yourself. It allows in rejuvenating and recharging yourself to manage time better.