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Photo of Sleep and Delinquency

Sleep and Delinquency

An online petition to “Start School Later” permitted over ten thousand residents to address the issue of sleep deprivation among teens. The petition report documents the wide range of residents supporting a change in start time to address the need for appropriate sleep among county teens. The Lloyd Society calls for study of delinquency and health variables before and after a delay in start times for this county’s middle and high schools.

Photo of International Network for Justice Health

International Network for Justice Health

The International Network for Justice Health (INJH) of researchers addressing health and health care issues of justice-involved populations. The aim of the INJH is to facilitate and coordinate the synthesis and open-access availability of knowledge in the area, and to move towards evidence-based guidelines for providing care to this medically complex and typically underserved population.

Photo of Justice Health Libraries

Justice Health Libraries

In justice health, where time and money are in particularly short supply, health care providers and advocates need a “one stop shop” for information on how best to care for the health and welfare of people in justice systems.

Photo of Women’s Re-Entry Program

Women’s Re-Entry Program

A two-year, revolutionary study to determine the effectiveness, for repeat offenders, of a residential, woman-focused re-entry program as an alternative to incarceration.