bad speech habits

Bad speech habits – Never dare to do it

Public speaking is one of the hardest skills to acquire. Even porn stars have to speak to a public time to time. You need to train both your body and mind. Facing thousands of people at a time and delivering a speech without mistakes is quite hard. There are some habits that can spoil your speech in a second. It is important to know what they are and never commit it. In this article, you will find the bad habits of public speakers which one should never commit.

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read faster

How To Read Faster?

Book reading is a skill. So, when it is a skill; it can be obtained through practice over time. It is important to cultivate the habit of reading. It has been proven that people with reading habits are highly successful. Reading is a time-consuming process. People step back to take up reading only because of this. Through this article let us know to learn to read faster.

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time management skills

In this competitive world, a person without time management techniques is prone to failure. There is an immediate need to develop time management skills to spear ahead. It is a complex task but never impossible. All that it requires is taking a little time to plan, prioritise, and proceed. Let us look at the key actions

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get fired from a job

Things to do after getting fired

The event of being fired from a job is disheartening. It can devastate a person completely. As everybody else tells, life has to move on. It is important to get out of this bad time and see what to do next. In this article, the steps to do when you get fired from a job is explained.

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